Girls and dogs alike revel in the sun.

Today, I thought, was a great day to lark about in the glory of the Sun God Ra.
And so I did.
With my lovely dog Ned.

One of my outfits I find myself repeating lately is this one.

During one of my thrifting sessions, I came across this little gem. I LOVE embroidery and this shirt is covered with it. The sleeves are semi flared which are a bonus, while it shouts a cool Mexican design, making me love it to pieces even more.

I tucked it into my all time favourite maxi skirt which I found recently at a Yesteryear sale. It has a 70’s vibe about it and boasts a giant twirl radius which helps gather attention from passing boys. Double bonus.

The boots are just your standard pull on Chelsea, now scuffed and slightly dented.
So rustic. So chic.

Have a favourite outfit of late? I’d love to hear about it!

Zoe xo

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