My go-to natural flu remedy.

The flu.
It always catches up with me eventually…

As per usual when the dreaded flu strikes, my google search tends to end up looking a little like this:
-Why is my throat dry?
Thought: Oh no.
-Natural remedies for dry throat
-Natural remedies for flu
-Natural remedies for battling flu
-Natural remedies for conquering all evil and flu

Okay, so the last one is a little bit exaggerated…. but this is how I end up feeling.


I usually come up with a flavourful something to soothe me and this is what I created…

You’ll need these healing goodies:
Fresh Ginger…
>muscle pain and soreness
>fighting infections
-Anti-Inflammatory qualities

Fresh Turmeric…
-Contains this little guy called “Curcumin’s antioxidant”, which may have an anti-tumor effect. Always a plus.
-May help lower cholesterol
-Helps reduce the flare-up of bacterial and viral infections. Yay!
-Aids indigestion
-Improves glucose control

-Rich in the big Vit C which promotes healing. Woo
-Skin repairing and anti-aging. Double woo!
-Alkalizing. Lemons help restore your pH levels.
-Gives you a lovely smelling mouth due to the lemons antiseptic qualities. A.k.a Natures Dettol.
-Cleansing.. In all aspects.

-Your skin loves it. Dehydration = dry and wrinkly. Think prunes people.
-Boosts metabolism.
-Aids digestion
-Mood and energy booster
-Our kidneys love it
-Sounds soothing.. ?
-Linked to heart health!

**FYI you don’t even need to be ill to feel its boosting powers!

Step 1. Fill cute glass bottle with H2O.
Step 2. Cut lemon, aim and squeeze into said cute bottle. You may need a handy dandy funnel to help you out if the neck of the bottle is on the narrow side.
Step 3. Slice off skin from turmeric and ginger, you’ll need at least a good thumb size of each.
Step 4. Collect up the lemon, turmeric and ginger, and micro-plane/grate away, into the top of the bottle.
Step 5. Give the mix a good shake.
Step 6. Drink up and I am sending you wellness vibes.

Some other things that may help…
Warm salty water gargle. Your mum is right. It removes the baddies. Just do it.
Rest up! Some people love it, others not so much.
-Sunshine and doves. Vitamin D is a marvy healer my friends. Doves just make me happy.
Fresh air. Breathe in and out. It does wonders.
Miso soup. Is a complete protein source and restores the beneficial probiotics which should be floating about in your intestines. Nuff said.
Visit home. Or go on a warm outing to the country.

Until next flu season, see you on the up and up!
Zoe xo

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