Musical vibrations.

I must admit something.

I’m a music flirt. I feel like many of us are.

I manage to be swayed this way and that, jumping genre to genre.

Wanting to know the name of that song. The one that makes my feet and hips sway.

Music Go-to’s

There are way too many to mention them all, but I’ll reel a few off the top of my head…

Super Young Years

Armed with a CD, normally either:
a) borrowed from a library
b) a hand-me-down
c) bought with what measly savings I had

I always used to lay by my CD player, ear pressed to the speaker, replaying every song on the disc, a copious amount of times, until I learnt their lyrics. I always wondered if they’d scraped off from playing too much.
Every so often, I’d turn on the radio, waiting through the adverts and bumph, for that one goosebump inducing song.


Delta Goodrem – Delta may not have made my spine tingle, but my teen years were definitely filled with Innocent Eyes and Delta’s self-titled album. I’m a super big fan. Love you Delta.


Destiny’s Child – No explanation needed. They had an awesome sound, are super cool and were total babes. Still are, let’s face it.

Barbie Pool Party Mix – If you’ve never heard of this CD mix, then you should. Just for kicks. I was young and naive, plus my dad bought it for me. AND there were also some classic hits on there too… Saddle Club ‘Hello World’ theme song anyone?


Hilary Duff – All round love for Hilary! I mean, who didn’t love Lizzie McGuire?


Lady Gaga – One of my favourite artists. So talented. Major fangirl moments when seeing her live too. She kills it.

Phil Collins – Seriously, what’s not to love. Plus, he is literally the voice of the Tarzan soundtrack. Hands down, in love.

I also had a bit of a thing for Jazz, like full on piano/sax Jazz? This was one of my favourite CDs to lie down, ear to the speaker, and listen to. Don’t ask me why (mainly because I have no logical reason).


Newer Introductions

Mac Demarco – Introduced to me via my friend Jess who co-runs Bella and Woodstock (go check her out) and never looked back. 100% my favourite artist. I can happily sit, writing and listen to an entire album an endless amount of times. And when I haven’t listened to him for a while and play a song, it’s like hearing him for the first time and I fall in love all over again.

Ball Park Music – Classic alternative jam.

The Strokes – These guys have a super cool sound. I find myself being all pumped and giggly when rocking out their stuff. This is my favourite alb.


I’m a bit of a country bumpkin sometimes. And, so, I would love to dedicate a part of this post to Mumford and Sons. Yes. That beautiful sound made with the banjo among other instruments. Also, they get so into it on stage, which is ridiculously cute.



The Doors – Classic. Jim killing me with every word.


The Beatles – Need I bother?


Aretha Franklin – RESPECT. + Outfit goals

I’m turning on my cassette player now, so stay tuned for some more musical vibrations.

Until then,
Zoe xo

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