Give it to me straight and flared.

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I wanted to make an effort to blend in today.. to my garden. So I choose a dress with flowers on it. High five self.

I have a lot of love for this dress.
It has just the right amount of print versus block colouring happening.
The sleeves are super disco diva.
The cut is great.
There is a party going on in the front AND the back.
And I decided to go full hippy and barefoot it around the place. I found that moss is pleasantly cooling and soft underfoot. So go find some moss. You’ll thank me.

Spring is one of my favourite months.
It brings along with it babies of all kinds, perfect temps and warm sun rays to bask in.
Everything is so colourful and blooming, the flowers almost beam at you with joy.

Naturally, maxi dresses are totally a go to in my wardrobe.
They are unconstricting and totally fab.
Just what a girl wants.

I’m off to the park now to see some pigeons and to lay on the blades of grass.

See you very soon,
Zoe xo



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