Fruit and veg box goals achieved.


If you haven’t noticed…
I’m a MAJOR fruit and veg fan.
Like, Zoe+fruit+veg 4 life kind of fan.
I am that excited today, I almost have no words.

I recently decided to try out the CERES fair food organic box delivery service.
Long name.
Easy service.
Life changed forever.

I can hand over heart say, I just had one of the most amazing oranges and mandarins I have ever tasted.. ever.

CERES boxes are carefully filled with an abundance of seasonal, gorgeously fresh, organic, locally grown produce.. And a student like me can afford it?! Hells yeah.

In an effort to try and get sustainable, support our Aussie farmers and non-for-profit companies like CERES, I thought why not?
I tried out this box, because who doesn’t want good gut health? I 100% recommend it.

For all you Melbournites, have a look! If you would like to learn more, visit their website! I guarantee you some amazing quality fruit and veggies that will certainly make you one happy little bean. ♥‿♥

Hope you have beautiful veggie filled days!

Until the next delivery,
Zoe xo

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