Zo style breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Using what I received from my CERES box post, I’m making some quick “recipes” to plow through.

As per usual, my “recipes” don’t involve a lot of effort, I prefer life as simple as possible.
Naturally, toast is normally a go to, minimal effort but great tasting. Win-win.

You’ll need:
-1/2 Avocado, or more if you are enthusiastic
-A drizzle of olive oil
-A squeeze of lemon juice
-Parsley, chopped roughly
-Salt and pepper, to taste
Step 1. Turn bread into toast.
Step 2. Slather, pour and squeeze all other ingreds on top.
Step 3. Sprinkle on herby berbs and eat up!

I seriously love a good chip. I mean… Potatoes are just so incredibly tasty I want to eat them all up! At the moment, I have some “surprise” potatoes growing in my garden along side my other little veggie babies which is exciting ~(˘▾˘~)

As a kid I would always help mum out in the kitchen. Whenever potatoes were on the menu, I would “help”. All the little growths we discarded, I collected secretly and would stealthily dig them into the garden. Then the waiting game began.
I loved the look of suspicious surprise on my parents faces a few months later, when  mysterious green shoots sprouted from the ground.
Gold childhood moments, my friends.

Today’s lunch consisted of a pile of crispy, golden potatoes with an abundance of green things. I decided to get all arty and try some of my nasturtiums.
They taste like they look. Beautiful.

I can tell you are looking at the mound on my plate thinking… Did you really eat all of that?! Yes, yes I did.
I am a hungry, hungry hippo/have a teenage boy appetite pretty much 100% of the time.

You’ll need:
-3-4 small potatoes, skin on
-1 Cos lettuce
-Sauce, to taste (I’m a bit of a classic tomato saucer)
-A drizzle of olive oil
-Salt and pepper, to taste (I love pepper so I crack it on there hardcore)
Step 1. Preheat oven to around 210-220 C.
Step 2. Cut the potatoes into chippies, fling in a pan, drizzle them with olive oil. Have a 30 second dance party, then season with pepper and salt
Step 3. Put the tray in the oven and wait patiently (for about 20-30 minutes)
Step 4. Once crisp, pull out of the oven gleefully, and pour onto your plate.
Step 5. Add an assortment of eating companions a.k.a lettuce, sauce etc. Now dig in!

I like to make large batches of things, especially dinners as I they will normally become my lunch the next day or days in this case. Woo, two in one.
Today I made a massaged kale, beany/lentily salad.
Have you ever massaged some kale? It’s sort of a fun experience.

On the cards for this salad was some lovely citrus in the form a mandarin… but once I had tried a piece there was no stopping. It was just too juicy not eat right there and then.
Feel free to add some if you can resist!

You’ll need:
-1 bunch of kale, Tuscan or curly
-1-2 Lemons, I used one but more is always ideal, the lemonier the better!
-1 can cannellini beans but chickpeas would also be fab ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
-1 400gm can of lentils, brown
-A drizzle of olive oil
-Citrus cut into small segments, try oranges or mandies
Step 1. Massage said kale with a little oil and enjoy it.
Step 2. Drain and wash your beans, until the foam is gone. This = less gas = more friends.
Step 3. Put your kale, beans and citrus onto a serving platter.
Step 4. Squeeze on the lemon juice, crack on some pepper, and you’re ready to enjoy.

Spring is abundant and it’s only just begun.
Bring it on Mother Nature you beautiful legend!

Until next time,
Zoe xo

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