Resurfacing + 70’s vibin’. ᵔᴥᵔ

Sorry for dropping off the face of the Earth, Sinbad style.
I have been Instagraming though, as it was the only platform I had time for. My taskmaster called “university” was forever knawing at me.
It’s all done now (yay!)
And lot of wine has been drunk.

In celebration, here’s a simple but cute outfit (woo!) 12197311_10153711956189082_979861482_o 12197079_10153711952199082_2115470397_o12190253_10153711956259082_916197046_o
I am in love with this cardi!
It reminds me of Mork’s suspenders, which is a great thing in my books.
I coupled it with my outfit repeating A-line maxi skirt and a borrowed pair of Birkenstocks (thanks Jess (‐^▽^‐))

I wear this when I want to feel a bit colourful, but is also great for the ever changing weather of Melbourne.

See you soon, promise I won’t be gone as long!

Zoe xo



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