Ode to the humble mango.

I do a little happy dance when mangoes come back into season. ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚
I’ve adored mangoes for as long as I can remember…
I used to live next to girl, who had a giant mango tree in her yard up in sunny Queensland. We’d slip effortlessly in and out of the gaps of the old wooden fence, having play fights with the low hanging, green mangoes. Afterwards, I’d slink off home; smelling divinely tropical, in a state of mango covered bliss. My poor mum would see me sticky from ear to ear, and I’d be wiped clean. I was a fresh canvas once more, and I’d set off again, squeezing through the fence.

Whenever I pick up a mango, I just have to smell it’s sweet aroma. An old film projector starts to roll, and this little sunny scene lights up in my mind. I can’t help but grin at my frivolous 5-year-old self.

Mango season lets me catch a ray of QLD sunshine on my face, a glimpse at that gloriously abundant mango tree, and my little friend Natalie, waving at me from over the fence to come over again.

Mangoes are also incredibly nourishing for your body too. They are high in fibre, B6, Vitamins A an C which are important for glowing skin. Bonus!
Considering the box loads I am sure to buy over Spring and Summer…

See you next time with less sticky fingers,
Zoe xo

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