Loving you: A journey to happiness.

Loving yourself may seem like a vain concept, but it’s important.
The mind is incredibly powerful, and how we think about ourselves influences our lives.

I decided to talk about it in a mini series, as I value its importance and impact immensely.

Happiness often is portrayed like a rainbow; transfixing and oh so beautiful, but you’ll never reach the end. On the contrary, I believe we all hold the keys to the places we are at home, overflowing with buoyant radiance, cheery smiles on our faces.

Loving you, as you are, is a leap we all need to take. It’s one of my keys I use to remain a happy cherub. Admittedly, I have to work on this daily.

Self love is a journey, so enjoy the ride.

Next time, this series will dig a little deeper into loving yourself, get excited! *crowd cheers*

Until then, Hakuna Mata homies (☆^ー^☆)
Zoe xo



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