Loving you: Embrace it.

Self love.

A simple concept; however, it’s a paradoxical one in a society like ours.

We know it’s irrational to poke fun at our own body; proding a lump here, squeezing a roll there, and being horrified at some cellulite.

Please try to police these snowball judgements(◠﹏◠✿). I know it’s sometimes hard to remember; but, we were literally created in nine months, and then we learned to crawl, talk and walk within a few years of this.

Comparing ourselves to anyone else?
You are uniquely formed and given life. That? That is incomparable.
I think it’s incredibly important to recognize that you are beautiful.

We hold our beauty in many places.
I witness it in my eyes. They are virgin telescopes forming a spectrum of colour, shifting shapes and filling in the lips, cheeks, eyes and noses of the ones we glide those telescopes over.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, an overly common phrase of language. I actually believe that we don’t need to be seen or beheld in the eyes of others to be beautiful. Your existence is mere satisfaction enough.

Embracing you, as you truly are, can set you free. We can be released from the chains of beauty we’ve observed and mimicked over our lifespans. Choose to be free with me homies.

So, rebel! And rejoice in the beauty you hold within you. Which covers your skin and guards your big, beating muscle in your chest. Embrace who you are, and know that I already do.

Next in my mini series: Loving You, I’ll look into our mindset of mental health and help break down one of the toughest taboos to eradicate.

Until then my gorgy flarey homies,
Zoe xo

4 thoughts on “Loving you: Embrace it.

  1. Yet again another spectacular post, diving deep into a issue I feel of such prevalence in our society. Being shaped by others prevents of from truly discovering our true selves, where our true potential lies, and what were truly here ment to do. I love your writing, keep showing truth, knowledge, and bliss through your written word.☺

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