Dear Christmas, there is something you need to know. (・_・ヾ

Dear Christmas,

My Ferris Wheel mind is infinitely slaved to your traditions.

Illness is raging my body, mind, and soul, and yet, I force myself to play along.

Prying open sticky-taped packets.
Scrawling handwritten words onto throw away paper.
Spending imaginary bills on landfillable items.

But why?

Plastic. It chokes me.
Paper. It cuts me.
Wrappers. They engulf me.
Labels. All judge me.


Covered, taped, and sent away all for the joy of Christmas?

But where is my joy?

Is it lost? Is it found? Can you see it all around?

It sparkles, it’s bright and it brings all kinds of delight!

It rages, it soars, in the darkness above the Moores.

I seek, I find, this joy I’ve loved to hide.

It’s you, I’ve found, on a dirt floor unbound.

Come! Be quick! For my light, will surely stick

To you and me, to the forest and the trees

I can now lead, us all through the darkened leaves.

Along the grass and river which flows,

To the tips of my twinkly toes,

I no longer wish to sink under,

Down to my feet, below rushing water,

My heart begins to alter…

One beat up, two beats down,

All that I feel is amóre abound,

Upon me, as I walk, dripping from the river onto its dock.

I gladly watch from afar, gazing at its raging pattern,

Until my unveiled joy rockets us skywards…

Onto Saturn!

I’m home.

Away from this mess, my mind created inside of my head.

I am joy, I feel light,

On this foreign planet, I ignite!

Burning fire fills my lungs,

And at long last, I speak in the forked tongues,

I always have sung,

But was never heard because I was broken.

Glued, wrapped and stuck together,

I’ve found my joy in an ugly Christmas sweater.


I hope you enjoyed my quirky, pre-Christmas poem! (☉‿☉✿)

Darkness and light join forces every single day, so relish in their disgusting beauty pals.

And remember…

You can find joy in anything.
Even an ugly Christmas sweater.

Until next time,
Zoe xo

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