Happy Flarey New Year!

Welcome gals and boy pals, to the end of the beginning…


Wishing all my flarey friends safe travels to and fro, tipsy tinkering, and jolly good laughs all through 2018.

Reflection of self and hindsight of years gone by is an enduring tradition. This being said, it’s an incredibly important one.

We make resolutions all of the time during the year, we just call them goals.

Be it fitness, love or job related, allow yourself to indulge in this steadfast tradition!

Taking this a step further, we step into the world of manifestations.
(My beautiful friend Jess shared this gem with me).

Call it what you will, writing a monthly manifestation is really awe inspiring.

A manifestation can be practiced any way you like! Think of it as a free-form method of projecting your resolutions and goals.

You can scrawl down schemes of high grandeur, teeny tiny plans or a recurring daydream your soul so desperately desires to launch.

As I’ve mentioned before, writing is my true love. ٩(♡ε♡ )۶
I write lists, poems, dreams, ideas, etc. all day, every day!

Naturally, I write my manifestations down on paper. If I’m feeling extra witchy, I’ll wait for the full moon to arise to write it down. Awhoooooo!

Some other ways to manifest are:

– Get candid on film.
Talking is sometimes an even better way to express your desires before the mind forgets.

– Meditation.
Through releasing your body and mind, meditate on your goal.
Visualisation is a very powerful tool. You can paint details on the vast canvas of your mind, simply by taking a well-earned seat and drifting.

Try isolating a single resolution.
Now, really focus on the environment.
What do you feel? Does your skin prickle or is it warmed from the sun?
Can you see through a window or a door?
Is it light or darkness surrounding you?
Do drafts sweep up your hair or is a cool breeze caressing your face?
Are you alone?
Are you amongst friends?

Here’s a sample of one my manifestations…

9/6/2017 – Full Moon

As I look into the mirrors around my homey abode, reflected is my image.
I feel love for myself for the first time.

It’s the kind of kindling love you experience from a giant bear hug or handwritten kindness on a collaged card.

I see a woman, whose heart is kind, words are honest and whose soul is a kindred spirit. I love my wilderness, the untamed nature I possess.

I have so much worth, a powerful prowess surges in my sea green eyes.

My skin shines with newfound dewy luminescence. My blonde hair floats in the soft breeze of an open wood frame window, a loose linen dress hanging over my curves.

I am smiling now.

A true smile, a smile which reaches your eyes, crinkling them with happiness.

Blissed out, I’ve reached a state of happiness.

I treat my body, mind, and soul as my friends.

Repeating to myself I say…

I am okay.

I am loved.

I hold no more pain.

I am healed.

Until next time,
Zoe xo

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