Home is where you hang your hat, but I hang my plants instead.

Home is my heart. It’s a living, breathing entity where I’m always greeted by a sea of green. It becomes a place where you learn and grow, a place where self-discovery is inevitable.

A persons’ home reflects their state of mind. Whether it’s clothes covered carpets or sparse eucalyptus scented table tops, visually, a home is your reflection.

Very recently, I’ve been researching the zero waste movement. It’s a solid concept, not only for the hippy-dippy kinds like myself, but for everyday people. I believe everyone can always find kinder ways to do things; eat more plant-based foods, refuse consumerism and big business ploys, shop local, support animal shelters, etc.
Living a life which reflects your core values is really important, and it begins at home.

Since this is such a special category, I’ll share my home care, tiny apartment garden hacks and updates on my zero waste journey.

Until next time,
Zoe xo